Entwined is an exhibition that embodies the creativity of the threads that connect The medium of textiles skills and humanity

From their primitive roles of protection and warmth, textiles have been woven into a rich narrative throughout human history. The evolution of textiles marks not just the advancement of technology, but also the blossoming of human imagination and creativity. From adorning the human form to signaling social distinctions textiles have always played diverse roles. The industrialization of the textile industry may have made it more accessible, yet its artistic heritage remains undiminished, inspiring artists and designers across epochs to explore the mediums taking their creations to new frontiers. Textile art stands as one of humanity’s primeval modes of artistic expression and its origins, firmly grounded in necessity, blossomed into a way of reflecting cultures’ artistry and ingenuity. As communities flourished, so did the complexity of textile creations, wherein artists and creative thinkers started adopting various techniques across the world further cementing textiles’ role in cultural and artistic narratives.

India particularly stands out in the history of textile tradition, with a vast heritage of textile craft. From the major weaving techniques like Jamdani and Ikat to embroidery techniques such as Kani, and Mochi. Phulkari and Kantha and the myriad of dyeing and printing methods like Bandhani block printing, Rogan, and Bagru, as well as numerous regional and lesser-known practices, there are over eighty distinct traditions and associated textile techniques, showcasing India’s vast cultural and artistic diversity in the realm of textiles. From far-flung villages to burgeoning towns and major cities of India, from humble skilled practitioners to designers and artists, textiles have been an integral part of life in India in daily life, special occasions, and even in artistic endeavors. It is this India that is explored in this exhibition delving into the unique approaches of creators who have seamlessly integrated textiles into their work. Moving beyond conventional practices, through intricate embroideries, detailed weavings, and experimental fabric manipulations, a spectrum of perspectives emerges. In this context, textiles are not just materials but vehicles for storytelling and this showcase bridges the realms of art and craft while highlighting the artists’ technical expertise and innovative approach.

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This exhibition ENTWINED ,is divided curatorially into three broad parts:

Textiles as a Medium: The first section highlights artists who utilize textiles to convey their narratives. Textiles and fiber are used as the medium physically or pictorially. The showcased pieces demonstrate the transformative ability of textiles, moving from functional materials to vehicles of artistic expression.

Sculpture&Form, The second segment delves into the world of sculptures and art with the use of varied mediums and the human body.Here, art pieces explore the inherent relationship between attire and identity, reflecting the deep connections between wearables and personal stories.

Synthases with Skill: The final section of the exhibition focuses on the vibrant world of the Indian fashion industry recognizing those who may not traditionally fall within the realm of art. This segment highlights the creativity and craftsmanship evident in the minds of fashion designers . It emphasizes the intersection of fashion and art, showcasing what drives innovation and design in the industry. Selected fashion practitioners have moved laterally to create works of fine art in the visual language aligned with their commercial explorations.

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The exhibition is a captivating exploration into the dynamic interplay of art, the body and materials .We remain entwined by the threads that connect our past, present, and future and the exhibition embodies a celebration of creativity, a journey through mediums and meanings, and a open invitation to witness

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