Snowball: Threaded Visions: Contemporary Embroidery For A Sustainable Future

Creatively Embroidered by Milaaya Embroideries’’ Gayatri Khanna, Presented by MASH – Shalini Passi, Curated by Dr. Arshiya Lokhandwala,

Snowball Studios is delighted to host an extraordinary exhibition, “Threaded Visions,” from 3rd to 6th, April 2024, between 11 AM to 7 PM. This innovative showcase, creatively embroidered by Milaaya Embroideries by Gayatri Khanna, is presented by MASH – Shalini Passi and Curated by Dr. Arshiya Lokhandwala.

Following its successful debut at the India Art Fair ’24, “Threaded Visions” seamlessly weaves the intricate threads of Indian craft and art at Snowball Studios. This exhibition represents a pioneering convergence of couture embroideries and artistic expression, offering visitors a glimpse into a world where tradition meets art.

The masterpieces on display reflect the celebrated works of modern and contemporary artists, meticulously interpreted through couture embroidery techniques by Milaaya Embroideries. Each stitch not only breathes life into the artwork but also celebrates India’s rich tradition of craftsmanship.

Renowned artists such as S H Raza, Gulam Mohammed Sheikh, Nilima Sheikh, Ranbir Kaleka, Ram Kumar, and K K Hebbar have their works featured in this unique exhibition with exclusive copyrights given to Milaaya Embroideries. Their art serves as a visual narrative, inviting contemplation on the delicate balance between nature and human existence.

“Threaded Visions” goes beyond the realm of artistry; it serves as a poignant commentary on sustainability and climate change. Through the embroidered interpretations of modern and contemporary artworks, the exhibition prompts viewers to reflect on ecological concerns and the urgent need for conservation.

Visitors will witness a diverse array of embroidery techniques, including Aari and Zardozi, Satin stitch, Phulkari, Kutch embroidery, Kantha stitch, and French Knots, among others. Each artwork intricately crafted by skilled artisans not only showcases the beauty of embroidery but also sparks meaningful conversations about our collective responsibility towards the planet.

“Threaded Visions” invites you to explore the interconnectedness between art, craft, and sustainability. Join us at Snowball Studios from 3rd to 6th April and embark on a journey that celebrates creativity while advocating for a more sustainable future.

Milaaya Art Foundation Championing Artisan Empowerment and Community Development

Hand embroidery, a cherished tradition passed down through generations, faces modern challenges in today’s fast-paced world. Led by Gayatri Khanna, the foundation is committed to uplifting artisans and preserving cultural heritage by providing training in distinctive couture embroidery techniques.

Milaaya Art Foundation recognizes that empowering artisans goes beyond skill development; it opens doors to new opportunities in the world of art, creating a pathway for growth and self-expression. By equipping artisans with valuable skills, the foundation not only enhances their earning potential but also fosters a more enriching work environment, leading to improved living conditions and overall well-being.

Moreover, the foundation’s initiatives extend to community development, with a focus on establishing factories in or near artisans’ hometowns. By bringing employment opportunities closer to home, Milaaya encourages artisans to live in better conditions, fostering stronger family ties and community bonds.

Gayatri Khanna emphasizes the importance of collective action in preserving this dwindling trade. Milaaya Art Foundation welcomes collaboration from other organizations, recognizing that true impact requires a united effort that benefits the entire artisan community.

Through this significant initiative, Milaaya Art Foundation is not only safeguarding traditional craftsmanship but also building a brighter future for artisans and their communities.

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