New Gallery in Mumbai: Ikko Gallery

In the vicinity of old working settelments of Sewri, art had seeped through in the form of black box, an art space created by Ar. Jasleen Changani with her mother Narinder Kaur Gilotra. A space that showcases contemporary art, which has no boundaries of space and painting both revolve around as well as complement each other. Currently is hosting a group exhibition “Mediums of Enclosed Departures,” curated by the visionary Nilesh Kinkale, this showcase transcends conventional artistic boundaries.

Seven dynamic artists—Sadanand Shirke, Vinay Gusain, Ashish Thakur, Rohit Varekar, Smita Kinkale, Riyas Komu, and Nilesh Kinkale. All of these artists deny using the traditional trio of paint, brush and canvas insteade embrace an eclectic fusion of materials, techniques, concepts, and themes.It’s not just an art exhibition but a memory that reminds of our presence, of the bygone era, our roots, a critical comment on the present happenings.Through mesmerizing mediums each narrates a story of itself, its environment.

Artists like Rohit Varekar skillfully depict the essence of their hometown by intertwining its heritage with personal narratives. Varekar’s use of wood as a medium transcends its physicality, embodying collective memory and historical consciousness. He elegantly incorporates elements such as wooden toys and ancestral wealth, turning wood into a vessel that carries the essence of his region.

In contrast, artists such as Ashish Thakur focus on the tactile and olfactory qualities of soil, combined with organic materials, to comment on rapid urbanization and environmental degradation. Thakur’s work highlights the sensory loss accompanying urban sprawl, urging a reconsideration of humanity’s relationship with the natural environment. By referencing cultural symbols like the Ganpati tapestry, Thakur weaves together personal, environmental, and cultural narratives in his art.

Smita Kinkale’s creations using polymer sheets serve as critical commentary on contemporary issues and the loss of natural phenomena. Her work prompts viewers to reflect on the impact of modern developments on the environment and society.

Sadanand Shirke offers visual narratives on Mumbai’s changing urban landscape, capturing its vibrancy and frenetic pace through his use of vinyl and bright colors. However, beneath the surface, his work hints at a superficial, emotionless existence, inviting contemplation on the city’s complexities.

Nilesh Kinkale’s artworks often feature roads, symbolizing Mumbai’s ubiquitous infrastructure. He views these roads not just as physical pathways but as integral parts of daily life, rich with the remnants of the city’s history. Kinkale’s paintings offer a nuanced perspective on urban transformation, exploring its impact on individual memories and shared cultural heritage.

The way that woodwork of  Riyas Komu engages with political tales highlights the connections between political ideology, artistic expression, and personal experience. Komu embodies the function of both witness and commentator in art, as evidenced by his background and material selection, which show a strong link to his cultural heritage and a commitment to political discourse.

The show ‘Mediums of Enclosed Departures’ is a testament to the enduring power of art to capture diverse memories and portray individual environments. Through mesmerizing mediums and thought-provoking narratives, the exhibition invites contemplation on the interplay between memory, environment, and cultural heritage. 

Review by Art Blogazine Team


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